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Teng Tools 1001Pc Mega Master Tool Kit - 8 Series
~19 Drawer STaCK ~Std, deep, flex, hex, TX, TPX, TX-e, impact sockets ~4 ratchets ~35 screwdrivers ~74 pce ratchet screwdriver set ~24 pliers ~2 torque wrenches ~69 spanners ~Nut drivers, rivet and riv-nut sets, pry bars and roll/heel bars ~Puller kit, Tap and Die set, stud removers, punch and chisel set ~1000V pliers and screwdrivers, crimping tool set, oil service kit ~General tool kit and so much more.....
$6,440.83 Ex Tax: $5,855.30
Teng Tools 140Pc Service Kit
~6 Drawer ~76 sockets and accessories ~12 combo spanners ~4 pce plier set ~7 pce s/driver set ~General tool kit..
$1,155.55 Ex Tax: $1,050.50
Teng Tools 182Pc Service Kit
~6 Drawer ~76 sockets and accessories ~12 combo spanners ~4 pce plier set ~7 s/drivers ~ratcheting bits driver set ~General tool kit..
$1,306.80 Ex Tax: $1,188.00
Teng Tools 343 Pcs Tool Kit
~5 Drawer 8 SerIeS FULL rOLL CaB DePTH TOOL BOX ~124 sockets and accessories ~13 pce extn set ~34 combo spanners (8-32mm, 5/16 inch-1-1/4) ~7 pliers, 15 s/drivers, ratcheting s/driver set ~1/2 inchdr torque wrench, 1/2 inchdr impact driver kit ~1/2 inchdr breaker bar ~9 pce punch and chisel set ~General tool kit and so much more... ..
$2,141.70 Ex Tax: $1,947.00
Teng Tools 36 Inch Road Box 5 Drawer
~Heavy duty UV coating ~Zinc coated low friction slides ~work on the back of any vehicle ~Combined drawer load CapaCity 475Kg ~Overall dimensions: Length 910mm, Depth 505mm, Height 665mm..
$865.15 Ex Tax: $786.50
Teng Tools 394 Pc MM / AF EVA Kit - Black
~211 Sockets and accessories ~Features ratchet combo spanners ~Sockets: Standard, Deep, Impact, TX, e-Torx, Hex, Spline and ribe ~11 pliers, 32 screwdrivers (incl standard, impact and VDe-1000 Volt) ~42 spanners (incl combo and ratchet combo) ~5 files, T-handle hex wrench, ~1/2 inch dr torque wrench ~LeD torch ~Hex keys, 2 shifters, 2 cold chisels, pin punches, 2 hammers ~General tool kit and so much more.....
$4,144.25 Ex Tax: $3,767.50
Teng Tools 41 Inch Roller Cabinet 11 Drawer
~Overall dimensions: Length 1060mm, Depth 460mm, Height 1040mm (with castors). weight 107Kg ~Combined drawer load CapaCity 630Kg..
$1,331.00 Ex Tax: $1,210.00
Teng Tools 41 Inch Tool Chest Drawer A-WS
~Overall dimensions: Length 1040mm, Depth 450mm, Height 505mm, weight 70Kg ~Combined drawer LoAD CAPACITY 360KG ~pUll oUt alUminiUm worK SUrFaCe with 45KG LoAD CAPACITY..
$1,040.60 Ex Tax: $946.00
Teng Tools 440Pc Tool Kit - 8 Series Roll Cab
13 Drawer 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch and 1/2 Inch Dr MeTrIC/aF Includes 123 sockets and accessories 34 combo spanners aF/Metric 5/16 Inch - 1-1/4 Inch, 8-32mm 17 pliers 15 screwdrivers 12 mini screwdrivers ratcheting screwdriver set 14 T-handle hex key aF/Metric 13 pce extension set 1/2 Inch drive torque wrench 1/2 Inch breaker bar Deluxe pry bar set Pin punches, chisels Impact driver And rivet gun General tool kit and so much more!..
$3,744.95 Ex Tax: $3,404.50
Teng Tools 541 Pce Mega Master Kit
~19 Drawer DOUBLe STaCK ~53 inch wide with work bench top ~123 sockets and accessories ~34 combo spanners af/metric 5/16 inch-1-1/4 inch, 8-32mm, 16 ratchet combo spanners af/metric ~11 double ring spanners ~17 pliers, 15 screwdrivers, 12 mini screwdrivers, ratcheting screwdriver set ~14 t-handle hex key af/metric, oil service kit, brake service kit ~13 pce extension set, 9 pce general tool kit ~1/2 inch dr torque wrench ~1/2 inch breaker bar ~1/2 inch dr impact gun ~1/2 inch dr impact sockets standard and deep, impact accessories ~Deluxe pry bar set, pin punches, files chisels, impac..
$8,439.75 Ex Tax: $7,672.50
Teng Tools 56 Inch Roller Cabinet 12 Drawer
~Overall dimensions: Length 1425mm, Depth 515mm, Height 1040mm (with castors) ~Combined drawer load CapaCity 720Kg..
$1,863.40 Ex Tax: $1,694.00
Teng Tools 56 Inch Top Cabinet
~Overall dimensions: Length 1405mm, Depth 515mm, ~Combined drawer LoAD CAPACITY 360KG..
$992.20 Ex Tax: $902.00