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LANG Clean-Tec FAN
1 x BT40xER32 COLLET CHUCK 1 x COLLET to suit 1 x..
24pce Deburring Set Special
24pce Deburring Set Special ONLY **Big Boy available ..
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0-150mm Outside Micrometer Set
0-150mm Outisde Mircometer Set ..
$385.00 Ex Tax: $350.00
Measumax 0 - 4 Inch Imperial Outside Micrometer Set
  Outisde Micrometer Set - Imperial: Measumax micrometer sets include a deluxe fitted case, adjustment wrenches and setting standards. Features - Easy adjustment for recalibrating - Carbide tipped anvils - Micro-fine clear graduations on satin chrome finish - Painted frame - Resolution: 0.0001 Inch..
$181.50 Ex Tax: $165.00
Measumax 150mm / 6 Inch Digital Caliper (IP67 Coolant Proof)
Digital Readout. Change between metric and imperial at the touch of a button. Conforms to IP67 Coolant Proof specifications...
$217.80 Ex Tax: $198.00
Measumax 150mm DIgital Caliper Splashproof
Description MeasumaX electronic 31 series calipers feature a new I/O glass scale system and are perfect for most caliper measurement applications. The large LCD screen features error free readings in either Imperial or Metric modes. Features - Large clear LCD on/off, Metric/Imperial, Zero switches-Zero setting at any position ABS/INC - Hardened S/S mechanism with patented technology - Four way measurement - Splash proof electronic unit, measurement tracking speed 40"/sec - Supplied in fitted blow mould case Includes • Includes CR2032 battery ..
$107.80 Ex Tax: $98.00
Measumax Combination Set 4 Piece
Features - 4 piece set - Engraved graduations on protractor - Satin chrome 300mm / 12 inch rule - Cast iron ground finished - Foam lined plastic case..
$119.90 Ex Tax: $109.00
Measumax Degree Protractor
Features - Permanently etched graduations - Brass lock nut - Made of stainless steel..
$31.35 Ex Tax: $28.50
Measumax Dial Caliper 0 - 200mm
Description Measumax Dial Calipers combine the protection of a covered rack with Micro-fine graduations, and the accuracy of a hardened stainless steel rack. Features - Precision dial calipers with stainless steel slide tinite coated top and bottom - Clear graduations on the dial and beam - Smooth movement from precision internal movement - Easy zero adjustment of the dial - Supplied in foam lined plastic case - Accuracy ±0.03mm..
$145.20 Ex Tax: $132.00
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 1 inch
Features - Face ø58mm - Back plate mounting lug - Smooth movement - In-out tolerance marker - Supplied in foam lined plastic case with calibration certificate..
$66.55 Ex Tax: $60.50
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 10mm
Features - Face ø58mm - Back plate mounting lug - Smooth movement - In-out tolerance marker - Supplied in foam lined plastic case with calibration certificate..
$66.55 Ex Tax: $60.50
Measumax Dial Indicator 0 - 10mm (Water Proof)
Features - Scratch and chemical resistant crystal - Smooth movement with water proof design - O ring set between the body and bezel - Rubber boot over the spindle - Flat back and back lug supplied - Individual serial numbers with corresponding calibration certificate - Supplied in plastic case..
$88.00 Ex Tax: $80.00
Measumax Dial Test Indicator 0 - 0.8mm
Features - The dial test indicator is ideally suited for all kinds of comparative measurements in the workshop and inspection room - It also can be used together with machine tools, apparatus and other measuring devices - Steel ball end - Jewel movement - measuring in both directions..
$107.80 Ex Tax: $98.00
Measumax Digital Caliper 200mm / 8 inch
Description Coolant Proof IP-67. Precision digital calipers with stainless steel body and slides. Ideal application where dust and coolant is prevalent The international ratings organisation explain the following conditions for IP-67 The 6 denotes: Protected against dust - limited ingress (no harmful deposit) The 7 denotes: Protected against immersion between a depth of 15cm to 1 meter in fluids Features - New ABSOLUTE measuring system with memory hold and ABS/INC - Fully protected against the penetration of liquids - IP-67 prevents dust, water or oil from entering the caliper through effect..
$242.00 Ex Tax: $220.00