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Accud 300 mm Digital Drum Brake Caliber
300 mm Digital Drum Brake Caliber..
$332.75 Ex Tax: $302.50
Geiger Angle Driver Set
Tyre Chuck with Flexible Hose ..
$21.78 Ex Tax: $19.80
Kuani Manual Grease Gun 80cc
Manual Grease Gun 80cc..
$39.33 Ex Tax: $35.75
RyTool Radiator Fin Tool
~6 in 1 Fin straightener also cleans condenser and evaporator coil fins having spacings of 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 15 fins per inch...
$22.99 Ex Tax: $20.90
Shinano 40 Inch Creeper
$105.15 Ex Tax: $95.59
Shinano Mechanic Seat
$95.59 Ex Tax: $95.59
Sykes-Pickavant Brake Fluid Tester
Tests actual boiling point of brake fluid Perform accurate tests quickly and easily Only accurate way of testing brake fluid..
$1,223.20 Ex Tax: $1,112.00
Sykes-Pickavant Cam Locking Tool
Ecotec 16v 1.8, 2.0 Simple and easy to use Locks twin camshaft to allow engine repairs to be carried out such as timing belt replacement Applications: Holden, Astra, Vectra..
$57.21 Ex Tax: $52.01
Sykes-Pickavant Flexible Drive Belt Stretcher
Safest, easiest and most versatile option in the Australian market. Multi-application tool performs the work of three starndard belt stretching units. Made in the U.K...
$114.39 Ex Tax: $103.99
Sykes-Pickavant Mechanical Hub Puller 5 Leg
Free moving legs mounted on a floating plunger enables quick and easy attachment to vehicle hubs. Heavy duty hammer type handle allows the application of shock force for rapid removal of sticking hubs. Fine pitch force screw for smooth application of pulling power. Plunger, legs and handle drop forged from high quality steel, heat treated for strength and durability. Pitch circle diameter of up to 203mm, stud diameter of up to 15.8mm...
$491.04 Ex Tax: $446.40
Toledo Macpherson Strut Compressor
Multi-application tool developed for use on Macpherson suspensions. Fully adjustable and very safe. Applications: BMW, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Audi, Saab, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Volvo, GM (Opel) and Porsche. Made from Chrome Molybdenum. Spring specifications/Usage range: min 100mm to max 250mm. Max Load: 1450 Kgf...
$931.05 Ex Tax: $846.41
Toledo Oxygen Sensor Socket Set 21 Piece
Manufactured from high quality chrome vanadium steel. Comprehensive set of sensor switch sockets for any professional trade workshop...
$491.91 Ex Tax: $447.19