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Telescopic Gauges

Telescopic Gauges
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Accud 15 mm Taper Gauge
15 mm Taper Gauge..
$27.28 Ex Tax: $24.80
Accud Small Hole Gauge Set
Small Hole Gauge Set..
$42.90 Ex Tax: $39.00
Accud Telescopic Gauge Set
Telescopic Gauge Set..
$53.90 Ex Tax: $49.00
Measumax Telescopic Gauge Set 5 Piece
Description The Measumax telescopic gauge set is used to measure internal dimensions of workpieces by comparing the dimension taken with an external micrometer Features - Capacity 8-150mm - Spring loaded movement - Supplied in plastic pouch..
$55.00 Ex Tax: $50.00
Mitutoyo 154-902 Small Hole Gauge Set
Mitutoyo 154-902 Small Hole Gauge Set ..
$108.90 Ex Tax: $99.00
Mitutoyo 8-150mm Telescopic Gauges
Mitutoyo 155-905 telescopic gauges 8-150mm   Self-centering and satin chrome finish. Constant spring force on to the measuring surface. Locked in position by knurled lockscrew. ..
$227.70 Ex Tax: $207.00