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Engineer's Black Book
The Engineers Black Book is again a pocket book with a wealth of data applicable to the fitter & machinist.  Containing a more comprehensive range of data charts than the Kenwells book and Zeus book. Engineers Black Book is a thicker version, covering other engineering aspects as well. The Engineers Black Book currently is supplied with a drill size & drill sharpening gauge. ..
$76.23 Ex Tax: $69.30
Handy Workshop Tips And Techniques Manual
Whether you’re an engineer, trades-person, farmer, hobbyist or a home handy-person, there will come a time when you will need help with a project or additional information to make your job easier to accomplish. Handy Workshop Tips & Techniques provides excellent detailed explanations with step by step illustrations of a wide range of activities, from setting up your workshop, selecting tools, installing machinery and then how to use it. Major subjects are broken down in sub-categories, providing further detail, with hidden traps to look out for and ways to overcome these common issues..
$59.29 Ex Tax: $53.90
Kenwell's Data Book
This great little pocket or tool size booklet offers data charts for size conversions, tapping / drilling data, CNC program codes, speed/feed charts for slotdrills & endmills, machine tool spindle tapers & much more. All apprentices and tradesman should have a Kenwells book in their reach daily. Kenwells book has laminated pages to handle the dirty environments. ..
$27.50 Ex Tax: $25.00