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RT Air 10mm Belt Sander
~For internal surfaces and narrow corners ~Belt size10mm x 330mm ~Free speed 18,000rPM..
$209.00 Ex Tax: $190.00
RT Air 20mm Belt Sander
~For internal surfaces and corners ~Belt size 20 x 520mm ~Free speed 16,000rPM..
$280.50 Ex Tax: $255.00
RT Air Brake Bleeder Kit
automatic fill up of fluid reservoirs, bottle supplied with holding magnet Universal rubber adaptor fits most bleeder screws Capacity 750ml..
$93.50 Ex Tax: $85.00
RT Air Reciprocating Saw
~Capacity: 1.4 - 2.6mm ~Stroke: 10mm ~Length: 235mm ~weight: 850g ~applications in straight or curved cutting on panels, pipes, shaped steel and auto body, etc...
$170.50 Ex Tax: $155.00